Dean’s Message

The College of Finance and Statistics, Hunan University is located at the foot of Yuelu Mountain and near Xiangjiang River , which enjoys fine reputation for its long history in education for more than 1000 years and is a national education and research center for finance, insurance and statistics. It’s also a platform offered for international cooperation and intelligent support for social service. In the process of running school , we have been performing the school motto of “seeking truth from the facts, daring to be the first” and carrying forward the fine tradition in such aspects as school spirit and learning style etc.

O, What Chu's elite is stressedwhere never so well expressed. With a number of famous professors and scholars, we insist on the students-oriented education idea, trying to make them to be honest and creative persons , thus aiming at cultivating talents with great quality ,who are creative and skillful at  doing research work with top academic achievements , finally beneficial for the development of finance and statistics industry of China .

During the passed decades, after generations of hard work, the college has developed to a new stage with a complete talents-cultivated system , high level teaching and academic faculties and comprehensive social service ability, which has trained a large number of personnel in the field of finance and statistics, some of whom have taking the leading role in finance and economic industries.

From the global perspective, everything changes quickly and greatly and scientific innovation occurs everyday. As the society develops, the uncertainty and instability that human has to face have increased significantly. From China’ view, a great picture has been drawn where China should develop with high  quality in future to satisfy the demand of our Chinese people for pursuing the better life. Now Chinese people are striving to achieve the great goal of “two-hundred-years”. Facing the opportunities and challenges offered by human society and China in her economic and social development in new times, we should, on our own country and from the global view, dare to cultivate first class talents and produce first class academic papers and offer first class social services by the efforts of our first class faculties and staffs. We hope that the college of finance and statistics will soon become a national advanced and world famous college, thus enriching the contents of Think-tank of Hunan University and also contributing a good story to our great People Republic of China.